5 Reasons You Should Know Your Neighbors

Whether you live alone or with multiple people in apartments in Ann Arbor, luxury, convenience, and access to top amenities are important considerations. Even if you choose to live in a luxury community for the peace, quiet, and privacy, taking the time to get to know the people who live around you contributes to your happy, health, and well-rounded living experience. Here, The George explains all the benefits of getting to know your neighbors.

1. Build A Sense Of Community

Those who’ve lived in luxury apartments for some time can attest to the fact that building a sense of a community doesn’t happen overnight. Instead, it stems from a series of small actions over a long period of time. The first step is getting acquainted with your neighbors: take a moment to extend a friendly greeting or engage in polite conversation each time you see them. You don’t have to be best friends, but investing a bit of time meeting your neighbors and building relationships helps you cultivate that genuine community feel.

2. Expand Your Social Circle

Getting to know your neighbors does more than provide you with knowledge about who lives nearby you. When you see a familiar face on a regular basis, it becomes easier to socialize with them; this leads to you tow bonding over common interests and even coordinating schedules to attend local venues or events. You may even have similar tastes in music, art, or activities. Plus, when you live in luxury apartments, there is a variety of lifestyle amenities, such as a yoga room and surround sound movie theater, that are best enjoyed with company. While you might not become close with every single person, getting to know your closest neighbors leads to meaningful relationships that expand your social network.

3. Someone To Watch Your Home When You're Away

Neighbors can come in handy when you’re headed out of town. They can collect your mail or packages, water any plants, and even feed and keep your pet company. But the key to having helpful neighbors is being a good neighbor to them. So make sure all courtesies are reciprocated: every now and again, offer to assist a neighbor with small favors. These don’t take up much time or effort, but they pay dividends later when you're the one who needs a helping hand.

4. Live Peacefully & Cordially

When neighbors are friendly, they’re more likely to be respectful of your personal space and mindful of how their actions might affect people around them. If your next-door neighbor, with whom you have a strong relationship, is hosting a party, he or she will most likely invite you over, or at least extend you the courtesy of notifying you in advance about the event. On the flipside, if you're having people over, make sure to keep neighbors in the loop of your plans, so they can anticipate any excess noise or foot-traffic.

5. Improev Your Mental Health & Wellness

When you’re constantly on-the-go, it can be hard to make conversations with people around you. But taking time out of your busy day to have a face-to-face conversations with a neighbor is beneficial to your mental health: positive social interactions reduce stress and help you gain perspective on what’s most important life.

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