Apartment Decorating Tips

Interior decorations transform an apartment, creating an infinitely more comfortable and personalized living space. What’s more, if you’re considering luxury apartments for rent in Ann Arbor, MI, you already have a head start: these are outfitted with high-end fixtures and appliances, so all it takes is a few embellishments to make any unit feel like a home. You don’t need to be a master designer, either. With only a few design ideas, you can give your apartment a stylish, modern look. To help get you started, here are four easy-to-use decorating tips.

1. Install Wall Hangings

Wall hangings that reflect your life make an apartment seem inviting. Family photos are always in style, or you could hang paintings that portray subject matters of personal importance. In the same vein, a floating shelf or a shadow box with cubby holes is an attractive method of displaying tchotchke items to remind you of significant moments in your life. Such decorative memorabilia might include ticket stubs from concerts or your class ring from college. It’s also good to invite in sunlight, which is a mood enhancer, by adding wall mirrors near the windows. Since making pinholes in the walls of a rental unit isn’t really a good idea — you’ll have to repair or pay to refurbish any damage to an apartment to get back your deposit — you should use removable adhesive hooks where possible.

2. Take A Minimialist Approach To Furniture

As you tour different apartments for rent in Ann Arbor, take note of the furniture and design ideas used in model apartments. These units are used by property managers to show the potential of their apartments, and they often feature stylish furnishings. One consistent design theme in luxury communities is lightweight, minimalist furniture. Whereas bulky chairs and tables can weigh down a room, compact furniture conserves floor space and makes the environment feel open and airy. It’s also easier to rearrange lightweight furniture or move with it to new locations. Mobile furniture, such as chairs on adjustable wheels, is also convenient for moving, especially if your unit has tile or hardwood floors.

3. Have Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are large, eye-catching decorations that define the overall look of a room. The design themes that inspire these pieces can vary by region. For instance, apartments in Southeast Ann Arbor might have chandeliers, area rugs, and oversized artwork to portray a sense of contemporary elegance. Even though statement pieces are sizable, they can still be purchased at affordable prices. The HomeGoods off Maple Road, near I-94, in Ann Arbor sells a collection of interior decorations for all styles of homes. And if you can make the 25-minute drive east, Ikea is a notable supplier of modestly priced statement pieces. There also are ways to create original pieces. For example, you can buy second-hand signs or light fixtures and refurbish them.

4. Combine Decorating With Organizing

Interior decorations can do more than merely enhance the aesthetics of luxury apartment rentals. They also can serve as functional organizing systems. For instance, a coffee table with drawers or shelves underneath can help you avoid tabletop clutter to keep your items secure and your apartment presentable. The bathroom is another room known for tight spaces and large messes. Instead of leaving your toothbrush, hair dryer, and other items scattered on the counter, hanging an organizer on the wall or the back of the door gives you a clean space to store these items.

The George makes interior decorating easier because our luxury apartments are already outfitted with modern design features. The kitchens have stainless steel appliances, flush cabinetry made with natural wood grain, and stylish stone countertops. The living rooms are both spacious and bright thanks to high, nine-foot ceilings and large, six-foot windows that let in natural light. Private balconies also are available for certain units. Residents also enjoy high-end amenities, including a pool, yoga room, and technology center, and a location near the premier shopping and dining areas of Southeast Ann Arbor. Get in touch with us to live at The George!