How To Be An Ideal Tenant

An apartment community’s reputation is tied as much to the nature of the tenants as to the quality of the rental units. If there is a relationship between how nice a rental community is and how well behaved are its tenants, then inhabitants of luxury apartments, such as The George, should be exemplary renters. Becoming the epitome of a perfect tenant doesn't happen overnight, though. It takes commitment and a knowledge of proper conduct. But by following these few easy steps, you can make yourself an ideal tenant.

Make Installment Payments On-Time

An apartment contract is a binding legal document from the moment you sign on the dotted line. It has two main stipulations. First is a guarantee that you’ll inhabit the apartment for the duration of the rental term, usually 12 months. Second is a promise that all installment payments will be made on-time every month, or else a fee may be added. Conventionally, apartment tenants have credit scores that are high enough to attest to their trustworthiness in the eyes of property managers. Having secured an apartment for rent in Ann Arbor, your credit score testifies to your financial reliability. By making payments on-time, as an ideal tenant should, you can further ensure your credit score remains high. Late payments, meanwhile, could lower your credit score, as well as cause you to accrue fines from the landlord.

Report Any Maintenance Issues

In Ann Arbor luxury apartments for rent feature higher-end interior finishes and appliances than standard rental housing. Because of this, it’s a good idea to treat the luxury features in your apartment with respect. Obviously, slamming the microwave door and twisting hard on the dials of the washing machine are not appropriate actions for an exemplary tenant. But you also shouldn’t ignore any maintenance issues that arise, no matter how minor they are. Something like a dripping faucet may not represent an emergency in your mind, but maintenance technicians would explain to you that a leaky pipe can signal the onset of more serious plumbing issues, and thus the drip should be fixed right away. Similarly, a slight hiccup sound in the operation of your dishwasher may be an issue the maintenance staff could resolve with an inexpensive replacement part, but allowing the issue with the dishwasher to persist could result in the demise of the machine altogether.

Be A Considerate Neighbor

People move into apartments in Southeast Ann Arbor partly because the local neighborhoods are populated by professionals and families, two demographics that tend to act courteously and in consideration of others. In the communal environment of a luxury apartment complex, you, as the perfect tenant, have an obligation to have consideration for your neighbors. One of the principle signs of neighborliness, for example, is monitoring noise levels. Slamming doors, turning the TV volume too high, and hollering at a roommate or family member across the apartment are instances of behavior that should be avoided so as not to disturb your neighbors’ peace. In addition to politeness, exhibiting friendliness is also essential to being a good neighbor. While you needn’t befriend everyone in your same apartment building, exchanging greetings in the hallways is certainly meritorious behavior.  

Get Renters’ Insurance

By reviewing your rental agreement, you may discover one of your responsibilities as a tenant is to enroll in a renters’ insurance policy. The landlord where you live has a property insurance to guard against the costs from unexpected damages to your apartment. But what that insurance doesn’t cover are your personal possessions. Renters' insurance allows you to protect the investments you’ve made in your belongings. And if damages occur to your wardrobe, laptop, or other personal effects due to water or fire damage, theft, or a natural disaster, you’ll recoup the value of your possessions.

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