Relax In Your Apartment With Better Feng Shui

Whether you want to breathe new life into a specific room or you plan to decorate every room in an apartment, the items you choose — and the placement of these items — can quickly define how inviting and relaxing or chaotic and disjointed a living space feels. The answer to achieving a home-aesthetic that both looks and feels good lies in the ancient Chinese practice, commonly known as feng shui. Historically, feng shui has been used in houses, but with the prevalence of more people choosing luxury apartments for rent over buying a home, this age-old practice has proven beneficial for introducing balance, calm, and relaxation to every type of living space.

Benefits Of Feng Shui

Feng shui is a practice based on the premise that a person’s home mirrors what is happening within them. The goal of feng shui is to align a person’s external environment with who the person is and where the person wants to go — or, in other words, to harmonize the home’s energy with the energy of its inhabitants through aesthetics, symmetry, and shape of buildings, rooms, and objects. While feng shui can be used to facilitate more stylistic cohesion in your home, other benefits transcend visual appeal, such as the free-flow of energy and the promotion of relaxation and happiness throughout the living space. To leverage the benefits of feng shui in Ann Arbor apartments, consider the following four steps.

Get Rid Of Excess Stuff

One of the most important — but often overlooked — steps in the practices of feng shui is decluttering your home by eliminating non-essential items. While it’s natural to surround yourself with beauty and items that bring you joy, it’s important to pare down your belongings to the things that carry significant meaning, while passing along items that don’t serve you a purpose, whether emotionally or otherwise. To keep your collection of personal items in accordance with feng shui principles, be sure to review the items you already own before incorporating new ones in the home.

Add A Splash Of Color

Color can add content to your living space and serve to set a peaceful and relaxing mood in any room. The key is to select the right color and, thereafter, establish the optimal location for the color. According to experts in feng shui, rich and saturated colors — like variations of red and deep blues — can be invigorating in a shared space, such as a living room. Removable wallpaper and vibrant tapestries are great options for adding a splash of color to your apartment without the hassle of painting a rented space. Opt for lighter tones rather than dark colors to prevent small spaces in the home from feeling even smaller.

Invite Nature Inside

Among the benefits of living in luxury, apartments in Ann Arbor include convenient urban location, modern luxury, and an array of world-class community amenities for residents to enjoy. But just because you don’t live in nature doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find ways to incorporate natural elements into your living space. To promote balance, harmony of the elements, and air purification, bring outside elements indoors, such as low-maintenance plants. Moving water is another essential feng shui element that promotes prosperity and abundance — consider adding a small fountain, fish tank, or aquarium to your home.

Illuminate To Inspire

Proper lighting in Ann Arbor apartments is essential for functionality as well as improved feng shui. While natural light is the most beneficial source for achieving and maintaining good feng shui, natural light is not always achievable in every room. When selecting artificial light sources, be mindful of any other prominent colors in the space, as lighting is also considered to be a source of color in feng shui. Assess how a specific bulb may affect the look or feel of the room, get rid of harsh, fluorescent lighting, and opt for lighting that is soft, comforting, and calming.

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