4 Things To Do Before You Move Out

Few things in life are more exciting than the prospect of moving — maybe you're upgrading to a larger space or from a budget to a luxury apartment in Ann Arbor, MI. That said, the physical act of moving can be quite a chore, considering all the labor involved. On the other hand, keeping things organized and well planned makes them much easier. If you're planning on leaving an apartment, make sure to follow these four steps.

1. Notify The Landlord

Tenants sign contracts and accept temporary ownership of apartments for rent. The stipulations of your contract might include the price of monthly payments, the length of tenancy, and the steps you should take to complete the move-out process. Generally, a tenant is required to notify the landlord in advance of leaving, but the exact deadline for giving a notice can vary. Additionally, your landlord will specify the format of the notice (i.e., written, digital, etc.).

2. Hire Movers

Around the time the vacate notice is hitting the desk of the landlord, you should book movers to transport your belongings from the old to the new apartment. In Ann Arbor apartments are commonly vacated during spring and summer, so if you plan to move during those seasons, hire movers earlier than one month in advance. Depending on the size of your circle of friends or whether you have family living nearby, you could ask for moving help from acquaintances and forego paying professional movers altogether. But keep in mind the biggest issue with do-it-yourself apartment moves is usually finding a vehicle capable of transporting furniture and boxes, although moving truck rentals are available.

3. Downsize

Moving can become unmanageable when renters encounter the challenge of having too many items to move. One way to simplify a move is to downsize. Downsizing is an organizing technique by which you go room-by-room and separate things worth keeping from items that could be sold, donated, or discarded. Commonly discardable items for residents in luxury apartment rentals include obsolete smartphones, clothes no longer worn, or furniture that doesn’t fit the design theme of the new apartment.

4. Clean Everywhere

A thorough cleaning of your apartment is necessary in order for you to get back the security deposit. The guidelines for what constitutes an acceptable level of cleanliness are outlined in the housing contract, but it never hurts to speak with the landlord of your Southeast Ann Arbor apartments. Most landlords describe an acceptable state of cleanliness as being equal to how the apartments looked when the tenants first moved in. Any parts of the unit that are dirsty or in disarray may result in a deduction from the security deposit for cleaning costs. Thus, you should presume the standards for cleaning are high and leave no nook or cranny unswept.

These four tips will help you when you're moving out of an apartment. If you're looking to upgrade to a better community, check out The George, where our luxurious rentals provide high-class living at low prices. Our one-, two-, and three-bed units are not only spacious. They also outfitted with stainless steel appliances, wood-like floors, and spectacular views of southeast Ann Arbor. Our residents also enjoy the use of modern amenities such as a fitness center, movie theater, and yoga room. Contact us to learn more!