Tips for Living in Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is a popular place to live because the city has modern attractions, historical landmarks, and scenic areas. But getting the most out of your experience in the city involves learning key pieces of information, from the nuances of different neighborhoods where there are luxury apartments for rent in Ann Arbor, MI, to the best restaurants according to locals. And so, by reviewing details about Ann Arbor, you will gain the information necessary to take full advantage of what the city has to offer.


Ann Arbor sprawls in a circular orientation. The de facto southern and western demarcation lines of the city are established by Interstate 94 (I-94), which is a primary transit way for residents who wish to travel east or west to other cities in Michigan. Enclosing the rest of Ann Arbor’s northern and eastern borders is Highway 23, which is another of the city’s dominant transit points that also hosts a popular bus-line for commuters. Meanwhile, within the confines of I-94 and Highway 23, Ann Arbor is divided into quadrants of neighborhoods where you’ll find different types of housing, from residential homes to luxury apartment rentals.


The southern neighborhoods of Ann Arbor have become points of emphasis with professionals who desire the amenities of an urban landscape, which is why in Southeast Ann Arbor apartments are sought after, in particular. But with shopping centers, parks, and luxury amenities, South Ann Arbor has developed a distinct professional culture that contrasts with the more college-oriented culture of the city’s northern neighborhoods.


In the northeast neighborhood of Ann Arbor apartments are ubiquitous yet largely inhabited by students, which makes sense given the predominance of the University of Michigan’s campuses and buildings throughout the city’s northern realm. Although, the northwest neighborhood does have residential areas where you’ll find family houses but few luxury rentals.

Best of The City (For Locals)

Ann Arbor is also a popular travel destination for out-of-town visitors looking to enjoy the city’s dining, shopping, and entertainment. But while looking for apartments for rent in Ann Arbor, consider finding a rental community that’s near some of the best dining and shopping destinations according to the opinions of locals.


Deciding where to dine in Ann Arbor isn’t difficult, because the city has many restaurants with exceptional ratings. Paesano Restaurant, an Italian restaurant and wine bar, is not only lauded by local clientele in Southeast Ann Arbor, but the restaurant was also voted the “BEST ITALIAN RESTAURANT” by the newspaper. While another treasure of the city is Achilles Restaurant, an American eatery that serves quality home-cooking from a quaint diner on Packard Street in Ann Arbor.

Shopping Malls

By living near the highest-rated shopping malls in Ann Arbor, you have the benefit of shopping down-the-street for everything from clothing to apartment decór. Highly rated is Arbor Hills, a high-end mall with premium retailers located in Southeast Ann Arbor. But for an equally enjoyable yet more archetypical mall-shopping venture through an array of name-brand stores, residents visit the Briarwood Mall, a staple of the South Ann Arbor shopping scene.

Luxury Apartments

The George is a luxury apartment community set in the middle of Ann Arbor’s southeastern neighborhood. With a reputation for high-end shopping and dining, our area attracts professionals interested in a refined urban lifestyle. As for our apartments, renters enjoy modern fixtures and appliances as well as spacious floor plans with one-, two-, and three-bedrooms. While our community is replete with luxurious amenities, namely a fitness center, pool, and massage room. And so, for those interested in experiencing the best of Ann Arbor, the place to be is here at The George. Contact us to learn more!